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Supercharge VSCode

Ask Sidekick to explain code, find problems, edit code, or just a general question, about anything. 

Work smarter, not harder.

Built by developers for developers, Sidekick is designed to save you time and effort by providing high-quality responses and code snippets, powered by OpenAI's GPT3 models. Streamline your workflow and focus on the tasks that truly matter. Enjoy a free demo by signing up above.


AI is evolving everyday.
And so is our feature-list.

We're constantly experimenting with new features to improve developer workflows. Reach out with suggestions to

Ask Sidekick

Ask a general question, or select code in an active editor to ask a question about it.

Explain Code

One-click solution to select code in the editor and have Sidekick provide a detailed explanation of its function.

Find Problems

Have Sidekick output a list of potential or existing issues with code you select in the editor. 


Sidekick can take a piece of code and translate it to any other coding language. 

Get ready to code faster.

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